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Start your journey to finding your ideal home today with GRAND DESIGNS MELBOURNE Group. We specialize in providing the right house and land packages for your needs. With our array of options, you can easily find the ideal family home that perfectly matches your desires. Take the time to browse our listings now and get ready to pack your bags and move in! With GRAND DESIGNS MELBOURNE, our team is with you every step of the way, all the way up to walking into your new front door.

Welcome to GRAND DESIGNS MELBOURNE Group, your trusted partner in making your dream of owning your home a reality.

At GRAND DESIGNS MELBOURNE Group, we specialise in bringing you premium house and land packages, and custom homes that infuse quality, innovation and customer satisfaction.

House and land packages are well worth considering if you’re planning to buy a new home, particularly if you’re purchasing your first house. They can offer a range of benefits.

Why would you choose a house and
land package?

And why are house and land packages so popular right now?

So many great reasons:

You don’t have to worry about any hidden surprises – this means no need to overspend through nervousness. You’ll know what you’re paying for, from day one. And you’ll be living in a place where everything’s brand new. Everything. Well, built, and fitted out with state-of-the-art inclusions.

House and land packages are well worth considering if you’re planning to buy a new home, particularly if you’re purchasing your first house. They can offer a range of benefits.

It’s exactly as it sounds

A piece of land with a new house on it. A brand-new house. It’s just like buying a new car – you chose the colour and extras and that’s how it turns up.

Better still

You may receive a government grant and won’t have to pay much stamp duty on the house. Don’t forget to ask us about the first homeowners grant. It’s very generous!

Still got questions?

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Anything else?

It can also be a much smarter financial option. If you’re an investor, the numbers stack up. Rental returns on house and land packages can be attractive. In fact, they’re usually much better than returns on apartments.

And you’ve probably overlooked something else very cool – it’s a brand new house! And a house takes up a bigger footprint, so there’s more scope to add to it, knock it down, rebuild it or sell it.

You may change direction in life – job, partner, family. Everyone has experienced life changing before and changing houses when you’re all set up can be a real pain. Remind yourself what it was like moving in last time before even thinking about doing it again. You’ll love living in a new home – especially in a community like a new estate – when your content and the world’s as it should be.

This could also be your plan for a rapidly changing family. A home on a smaller piece of land these days usually also means there’s a bit more yard out the front.

Deciding to purchase a house and land package with GRAND DESIGNS MELBOURNE Group is the smart decision towards your ultimate goal of building your own dream home. Here’s several reasons why GRAND DESIGNS MELBOURNE Group can provide the hassle-free process that you’ve always dreamt of.

  1. Our house and land packages take the hassle out of finding a block of land and a builder separately. We have a large range of attractive house designs and block sizes &/or estates to choose from in a stacking number of locations throughout. We will even assist you to choose the most suitable builder’s house and land package that’s right for you and your family.
  2. Fully Customizable: We understand that all families are unique and all have different needs when it comes to housing. That is why our packages are fully customizable. With various floor plans and styles to choose from, the possibilities are made to fit around your family.
  3. Value for Money: GRAND DESIGNS MELBOURNE Group always tries to make sure it has competitive pricing to make sure you as a client get the best value for your purchase. 
  4. Modern Living: When you choose one of our house and land packages, you’re not just purchasing a house. You are investing in a modern, energy-efficient, and technologically advanced living space. Benefit from everything that a brand-new home has to offer with full knowledge of the fact that it is also environmentally responsible and equipped with the latest amenities.
  5. Your Peace of Mind: We go to great lengths to ensure you can live worry-free in a home built to last. Our homes are backed by warranties and serviced by experts, ensuring that any issues are dealt with promptly.
  6. Excellent Locations: We have housing packages available in the finest locations across Australia. You will be living in a vibrant and socially connected neighbourhood with facilities like schools, parks, shopping centres and more at your doorstep.
  7. Investing in a GRAND DESIGNS MELBOURNE Group house and land package is a smart financial decision. As the area grows, your home value may increase, providing a safe investment for your future.
  8. Tailored Financing: We work with lenders who specialize in new construction, so they understand your project and can get you through the mortgage process quickly and easily. Whether you’re building standard frame, steel construction or a modular new home, we have loan programs that can help you get financed.
At GRAND DESIGNS MELBOURNE Group, we’re more than just builders. We’re fresh thinkers & doers, architects of dreams and ambassadors of aspire. We don’t just build houses. We build homes – where memories are made, families are raised and where dreams are realized. We are excited to start your home ownership journey with you & we are committed to help & make the process of building a new easy & enjoyable experience.

Browse our website & discover our wide range of house & land packages suitable for both quality & budget conscious buyers or get in touch with our experienced team who will be able to help you guide through the whole process.

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